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Komodo Wisata Tours and Travel is a professional tour operator for Komodo island tours, Flores tour package, and beyond. We will help you to discover more about Komodo National Park and Flores Island. Our team will ensure that you have the best travel experience during the Komodo exploration.

We have been successfully giving the best to our clients for over 10 years. All of our teams are well trained and have been years in arranging Flores day trips and Komodo tours. Besides Flores tour and Komodo tour packages, we also arrange Sumba Island tours, Lombok Island tours, and Bali tour packages.

Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Komodo National Park. Komodo Wisata always runs special offers and individually designed tour packages, especially for Komodo and Flores island tours. We are also running some discounts which you can get when you make a booking with our tour company. You can find more and book the recommendation of the Komodo Flores tour through the search box.

Indonesia has 2 seasons every year; Rainy Season and Dry Season. The rainy season is coming from September to March, while the dry season is coming from April to September. Regarding the climate, the best time to visit Komodo National Park is from April to September, during the dry season.

In the last decades due to Global warming, the climate is sometimes changing a couple of times a year. Sometimes the frequency of rainy season is not coming really large when it’s time. So you can still do the Komodo Island boat tours during this season. Make sure you get detailed information about the weather conditions, especially from December to February.

We are pointing out that from October to December, the rain is not really coming all day. So you can still visit Komodo Dragon during these months. The heavy rain is mostly coming from January to March. During these months, you do not recommend to do the Komodo tour at all. Find out more on travel tips including getting to Komodo and updates on Komodo entrance fee prices. 

WARNING: Due to the strong current around Komodo National Park ocean, Komodo Wisata put itself ahead of the safety issue. We only work with reputable and international standard safety boat companies.

Most Komodo tour packages offer a daily departure. Our tour company provides free airport and hotel transfers to the harbor. Komodo tours are mostly scheduled in the morning and sometimes midday. The earlier departure is a day trip Komodo Island speedboat tour, which departs at about 06.00 a.m.

If you start the Komodo tour from Bali, you need to book a morning flight from Denpasar. Then our team will pick you up from the airport. So you will start the tour on the same day you arrive. Find the best Komodo tour packages on the following list.

We offer the most recommended tour packages such as 3 days Komodo Dragon tour and many more. We select the top tour packages for your great Komodo adventures. We also offer Komodo dive packages, private yacht charters, and some Lombok trekking packages.

Here are 5 recommended Komodo dragon tours to book:
  1. One day Komodo Island tour. There are 2 options, use the speedboat or Phinisi boat. If you go on the speedboat tour, you can visit more than 5 destinations. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the trip, the Komodo Islands Phinisi boat is the best choice.
  2. 2 days Komodo National Park tour. This tour package is only available for private service, you will use Delux or standard Phinisi boat.
  3. Komodo tour 3 days 2 night. This tour package is the most popular choice of Komodo tour packages. This tour package offers available 2 options, 3 days private tour, and 3 days sharing tour. Sharing tours will only depart once a week, while private Komodo tours can go every day.
  4. 4 days Komodo island tour. This tour package is only available on private service. You can also manage the destinations to visit.
  5. Private yacht charters. This means you will rent the whole Phinisi boat or speedboat. You can manage the places to visit, duration, and activities.

If you can not find the suit to you, You can check other options through the search box. We offer a wide range of Komodo Island Flores tour packages. We are also available for the Komodo cruise ship handling ground.

Another option is booking a boat trip package 4 days and 3 nights from Lombok. The tour company will use the standard Phinisi boat for the trip. This option is suitable if you want to visit some beautiful islands beyond Lombok and Sumbawa. Komodo Dragon adventure on Rinca and Komodo Island, combining hiking on Padar Island, is amazing. Just step away, you can snorkel with the Manta Rays at Manta Point, the only place to find Manta Rays.

On the Komodo Wisata tour, you can also book combination tour packages, especially Komodo and Flores. Visit places such as Kelimutu lake and Koka beach, and then continue Komodo dragon adventures.

Flores Tour Package Indonesia

As a legitimate company, we select the best Flores tour package. All Flores island tours are arranged for private service. So you will have all the attention of our professional team during the tour.

Our typical Flores tours are overland and day tour packages. We also combined some Flores tours with the Komodo tour packages. Take your best Flores tour and visit the more authentic with very scenic landscapes on Flores Island.

Flores Island Overland accommodates land tour packages from West Flores to East Flores. The Flores Overland tour is designed for a private serving, and you will also be allowed to manage your own itinerary. What you will expect to see on Flores overland is nature, culture, hiking on Kelimutu volcano, and beaches. You will also visit some traditional houses such as Wae Rebo village and Bena village.

Komodo Private Boat Charter

What to expect on a private boat charter is that you will have everything you need to see. Our private charter boats are customized for a great adventure in a much more private service. We offer two types of private charter, high speedboat charter, and Phinisi private charter. A private charter is also available for cruise ships, especially for one-day trips.

Choose to customize your own method or follow our listed Komodo tour arrangements. Both options will be served in private, and our tour guide will only serve you along the way. Our private boat charter to Komodo offers a daily departure in the morning and midday. For details of prices of the cruise ship, availability, and bookings, you can go to the search box. 

Komodo island Indonesia has been a favorite tourist destination in Indonesia during the last few years. Not only the attraction of the Komodo but also a beautiful landscape and underwater life. Best places such as Padar island, Rinca, and Kanawa offer beautiful landscapes on tour to Komodo island.

There are also find the best snorkeling and diving spots such as Manta Point. For the best beach activity, you can visit Pink Beach on Komodo island from the cruise ship. Click here for details of the arrangements for Komodo Island private boat charters.

Indonesia’s Best Tourist Destination

Komodo National Park is Indonesia’s best tourist destination. It is the only place where you can see the last largest lizard on Earth. Komodo Lizard with the length approximately 3 meters attracts a million eyes of Global travelers.

The latest issue of the Indonesian government has put Komodo National Park as the exclusive Indonesian tourist destination. However, Komodo Wisata makes it worthwhile for you, not to spend the budgets in an exclusive way. You can still go with our shared Komodo tour packages, all is well with us.

On the Komodo tours, you will not only see Komodo but will also enjoy the riches underwater marine life. The Park is famous for world-class dive sites. You will also enjoy the landscape views such as in Rinca, Padar island, and more.

Kalong Island is a magical island with thousands of foxes flying over the island, especially when sundown. The most liveaboard Phinisi boats are overnight on this island. Enjoy the uninhabited island with the calm seawater, and stay under the beautiful sky.

Labuan Bajo, Flores East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia Special Economic Zone

Recently Indonesia’s central government economic policy, Labuan Bajo is one of Indonesia’s special economic zones. This small city was just a small fishing town for decades. The activities are mostly centered at the ferry port to the North corner side. Most of the populations in this area are working as fishermen.

The city is the main gate to start your Komodo boat tours, liveaboard, one day Komodo tours, and many more. The government concentrates on building the facility, especially for the tourism industry. On the other hand, the government is also planning to increase human resources in the area.

At the moment, there are a variety of accommodations, from backpackers to the star hotels. The accesses to reach tourist destinations around the city are also in good condition. Most star accommodations are on the Northside and the South of the city. While in the center, you will find backpackers and mid-range accommodations.

The Best Komodo Dive Packages from Labuan Bajo

Komodo Island and beyond offer world-class dive sites. There are over 20 dive sites in Komodo National Park that offer great visibility. The diving activity that we offer requires a certified and professional diver. However, you can take an open water diver course to complete your dive skills.

The island Komodo dive sites are among the riches of marine life. There you can find a variety of fish, white tip shark,  Manta Alley, and many more. Manta Alley is probably the most famous dive site in the Komodo area. Scuba diving around Komodo National Park is just a dream come true, you will find untouched coral reefs.

When you dive into the Komodo area, follow the advice of the divemaster for the best dive site to visit. There are some guests who request certain dive sites because they heard about the great visibility. However, many of the dive sites are seasonal, because of the strong current. Check out the recommended Komodo dive sites and you may contact us for additional dive information.


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