What Is Proven Today Was Once An Imagination !

Imagine…. of staying at Island Resort in a 5 hectares private island located 183 km from the bustling city of Jakarta,…. a luxurious haven poised between the captivating West Java Sea and the charm of the mountain surroundings,…. finished in the finest materials in soothing tones of wooden details with all the modern amenities of a fine hotel.

Imagine…. to be able to laze around your own private white sandy beach overlooking the crystal clear sea water close to the beauty of nature with total peace and tranquillity.

The Amazing Umang Island Resort can create your imagination in simplicity into practice.

To know further is to come to The Amazing Umang Island Resort that is beyond your imagination.

Who says imagination is not necessarily better than reality? After all, The Amazing Umang Island Resort that is proven today was also once an imagination.


Finally, I must not forget to thank you for the excellent accommodation an service during our stay. First, I appreciate the concept of the island resort. I especially like the rooms, and the fact that you get to see the vast ocean once you step out the doorway is something not to be forgotten, and the facilities provided are top-notch.
Mr. Arief Wijono

Mulai dari keindahan pulaunya, cottage hadap sunrise sangat bagus. Pelayanan yang diberikan oleh para crew meskipun pertama kali ke sini tidak terasa asing karena telah dilayani oleh Mr. Erick dengan baik & sangat friendly. Kami juga sangat puas dengan pelayanan dari Head Service Bp. Robby yang sangat perhatian & bekerja keras untuk memenuhi kebutuhan F&B kita..thanks. Makanan yang enak, nuansa tradisional. Acara kreatif (miss Umang). Terima kasih Pulau Umang baru pertama kali datang ke pulau ini sudah sangat terkesan. Kami sekeluarga sungguh puas kami akan rekomendasikan ke teman-teman & akan kembali lagi.
Ms. Erni


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