Dukuh village, Donokerto, Turi – Sleman, DI Yogyakarta


The concept of “tourist villages” (desa wisata) came about several years ago when the governments of several regencies realized there was much more in the Jogja area to offer travelers than the familiar Keraton, Borobudur, and Prambanan. Villages were given the choice of participating in the program or not, and those who accepted in some areas were given assistance in developing home stays and simple traditional meals, education in basic hygiene, and promoting their natural attractions.


This is also an opportunity for tourist revenues to extend to the local people, which is welcomed by all. Overnight stays are available at villages that offer home stays, usually in rooms with private toilets added on to a family’s home.


“Agro villages” or the misleading term “agro wisata” refers to visits or overnight stays to hamlet whose daily lives revolve around plantation work. Our Village : Dukuh,Donokerto,Turi, Sleman regency, very near Jogja, where the air is clear and cooler, is the pioneer in this field with several villages in salak (snake fruit) growing areas .


Dukuh Village is one of the villages in the village of Turi district Donokerto or about 12 km north of Yogyakarta city center. Environmental conditions still felt strong with the rural atmosphere, supported by a harmonious community life. Most our village community farming and gardening.

Land filled with green lawns neatly leaves add beauty and clean atmosphere in our village so attractive for tourists to enjoy.


Serving the local art and traditions of our village will add to your insight and experience.

That was our initial concept of “tourist villages” for our village.


Simplicity, tradisionalyty, and our hospitality will welcome your arrival.


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