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Holiday Planning Made Easy with Traveloka

Traveloka is your one-stop destination for planning a fabulous holiday with your loved ones. The travel company offers an online platform for booking flights, hotels, airport transfers, and attractions and activities at tourist places. Operating mainly in South East Asia and Australia, Traveloka is an ideal portal for customising your vacations according to your preferences and budget. The travel company partners with thousands of reputed airlines, hotels and hospitality providers (private villas and apartments) to give you plenty of choices and offers that make your holiday planning process even more exciting! Simply log in on and start browsing through the exhaustive list of amazing hotels and private properties as well as attractions to book a memorable getaway with your near and dear ones!

History of Traveloka

Traveloka was established in 2012 by Derianto Kusuma, Ferry Unardi and Albert Zhangin in Indonesia. The idea to set up this business had struck Ferry Unardi when he realised the difficulty in booking flight tickets from United States to Indonesia, especially his hometown of Padang. Back then, there was no prominent travel website dedicated for booking hotels and long-haul flights in major carrier airlines of the world in South East Asia. Thus, in 2012, the three founders came up with Traveloka which initially began as a search engine to compare the prices of airline tickets from different sites. In mid-2013, the company officially turned into a ticket reservation website. The founders continued to expand Traveloka s operations by launching hotel booking services on the website in 2014. Later, the travel company began to offer more services such as airport transfers and booking attractions and activities. Expanding rapidly in the Asia-Pacific, Traveloka has emerged as a popular choice for many travel enthusiasts looking for more travel options and better deals.

Services Offered by Traveloka

Traveloka offers multiple services and experiences to its customers. Since, the company is primarily an online booking platform, it offers flight and hotel booking services to the customers in Singapore. Here is a short preview of the available services.

Flights: You can easily book domestic as well international flights under this section. Traveloka partners with many prominent carrier airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, Qantas Airlines, Air China, Qatar and many more. This section allows you to easily book a flight from Singapore to any destination across the globe. You can also earn discounts on your tickets by redeeming Traveloka promo.

Traveloka website with a search engine.

Hotels: Offering accommodation booking services for many renowned hotel chains such as Marriot, Frasers, Fragrance Hotels, Mandarin Orchard, Millenium, Park Hotel Group, VHotel and the like, Traveloka ensures that you enjoy a relaxing stay wherever you travel. Not just these hotels, the website also allows you to book a variety of villas and apartments according to your budget and space requirements.

Listings for villas and apartments on Traveloka.

Flight + Hotel: This package is offered to make your bookings cost effective, convenient and more organised. You can freely customise your holiday or business trip by combining your preferred airline with any hotel. Traveloka offers many travel packages to many popular destinations across the world.

Details on flight + hotel packages with Traveloka.

Airport Transfer: Travellers no longer need to wait in long queues for official airport taxis or pay exorbitant fares to private taxis for commuting from airport. Traveloka offers a variety of public and private transportation facilities, according to your requirements, that can be booked in advance under this section.

Details on airport transfer/transportation through Traveloka.

Xperience: A tour to a new destination is incomplete without sightseeing! Traveloka makes sure to elevate your experience by offering thousands of tailor-made packages for sightseeing and activities in many tourist destinations across the world. Book their curated experiences in advance and make the best of your vacations!

Listings for activities with Traveloka.

How to Make Bookings on Traveloka

Traveloka is a straightforward and easy to use website. Its intuitive interface allows you to book your flights or hotels within minutes. Follow these simple steps and make your bookings without any hassles.

On the homepage, click on the flight icon if you want to book a flight or select the hotel icon to book your accommodation. You may book both simultaneously by choosing the flight + hotel option.

Traveloka website with a search engine.Search engine to enter details to search for hotels.Search engine to enter details to search for flight + hotel packages.

Enter the specific details such as your departure and arrival destinations, date of departure, number of passengers and seat class for searching flights. Similarly, enter the city/destination/hotel name you are travelling to, check-in and check-out dates as well as number of guests to search hotels. Click on search button to proceed further.

In case of flights, a list of all the available flights on you route will be listed. Select a flight that suits your preferences and click on ‘Choose . In case of hotel booking, a list of all the available hotels will be displayed. Browse through the list and select a hotel by clicking on it. You will be taken to the hotel listing page.

Search results for flights from Singapore to Jakarta.Search results for hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

For flight: you will land on the checkout page. Click on ‘Continue to Booking to move to the next step.

Page to view flight booking details.

For Hotel: You will land on the hotel listing page where all information about your chosen hotel is displayed. Choose a room in the hotel by clicking on ‘Select Room button in front of your preferred room.

Product description and prices for a hotel room stay.

On the next page in both the cases, you are required to provide your information such as name, contact number, email address and the like. Continue to make payment via your preferred payment method to confirm your booking. In case of hotels, you may have to pay in advance in some hotels or may have the option of paying at the property. Depending upon the terms and conditions of your selected hotel, complete the booking process and get a confirmation within a few minutes.

Payment Options on Traveloka

Traveloka offers the following payment options:

PayPal – PayPal is an internationally popular mode of payment that can be used to transfer money from any part of the world. Simply click on the PayPal icon at the checkout page and follow the instructions to proceed with the transaction.

Credit Card – Traveloka accepts MasterCard and VISA credit cards. This payment method is easy and efficient way to confirm your order.

iBanking – Customers can make payments in SGD via eNETS which is a secure and convenient method of transaction. All transactions through eNETS are carried out in real time and protected by Secure Socket Layer of RapidSSL authorised technology.

Different Coupons Codes and Discounts on Traveloka

Traveloka has a dedicated space on the website to inform their customers about the ongoing Traveloka promotions. On the homepage of the site, click on the ‘Promotions button at the top of the page. You will be directed to the section which features all the available Traveloka promos and Traveloka coupons. Some of these Traveloka coupon codes are valid for limited period while some Traveloka promo can be availed for a long time. Redeem these coupons and vouchers to earn big discounts. You can also earn 1% cashback on flights and 6% cashback on hotel bookings if you make your reservations on Traveloka via ShopBack.

How to Shop on Traveloka Using ShopBack

ShopBack offers up to 6% cashback if you book your flights or accommodation from Traveloka. Here are the steps to be followed to earn cashback from ShopBack:

Step 1: Visit the ShopBack website and select ‘Traveloka listed in the travel section of ShopBack s homepage. You can also use the search box to find the link to the Traveloka store.

Traveloka click-on on ShopBack website.

Step 2: Read the terms and conditions and any other relevant information, such as tips to ensure cashback listed on the page.

Traveloka s terms and conditions.

Step 3: Click on the Activate Cashback button located on the top left corner of the page.

Activate Cashback button for Traveloka.

Step 4: To find more attractive deals and coupons, check out the Traveloka Promo Codes For September 2019 in Singapore section.

Deals section on Traveloka page.

Step 5: You will be redirected to Traveloka website to browse and make your reservations.

Step 6: You will be eligible to earn cashback from ShopBack on completing the booking process. The cashback rates might differ based on your history with ShopBack, i.e. whether you are a new or an existing user.

The cashback offer is not applicable on Airport Transport, Attractions & Activities and Flight + Hotel category.

Traveloka s Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before cancelling your ticket, you need to ascertain if your booking is refundable. Tap on your e-ticket, click on refund and select a policy. There are three types of bookings: refundable, partially refundable and non-refundable. To cancel your booking and request a refund, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account on Traveloka and go to “My Booking” section.

Step 2: Select the booking you want to cancel.

Step 3: Go through the terms and conditions of the vendor and scroll down to the ‘Manage Booking section. Click on ‘Refund to initiate a refund request.

The refund amount is subject to the Airline s policy, your reason for cancellation and the gap between the date of refund request and the date of departure.

Traveloka s Customer Service

For any assistance or query, you can chat with the Traveloka customer service executive on their website any time. You can also fill their contact form or call them on their customer service numbers – +65 64867945 or +65 69118138.

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