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On New Year 2018 me, Oru and my Mom had traveled to Cirebon. Nope, is not because a New Year Eve and we just want to celebrate start a big day on first year date, but because we want to see my Dad who opening new restaurant in Cirebon.

Cirebon (formerly referred to as Cheribon in English) is a port city on the north coast of the Indonesian island of Java. It is located in the province of West Java near the provincial border with Central Java, approximately 297 km east of Jakarta, at 6°43′S 108°34′E. The administrative area of Cirebon is very small in extent, however, its dense suburbs sprawl into the surrounding regency; the official metropolitan area encompasses this regency as well as the city, and covers an area of 1,021.88 km2, with a 2010 Census population of 2,366,340 (Wikipedia).

We traveled to Cirebon easily going by train, just booking via Traveloka or Tiket.com (Indonesia Travel Commerce) and you can set the date when you go to Cirebon.

For Hotel, I am note use Agoda or Tripadvisor, because My Dad already knew Cirebon really well, he got new dorm with cheap and best services. The dorm actually not name but you can find easily because syariah dorm located on Remaja Street (Gang Remaja) and nearby the famous Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur (My God…! Just start to remember about Ibu Nur my mouth start to drool. Yummy!).

Ahaha…nothing help ya. But this is the dorm map:

My traveled schedule to Cirebon actually not well prepared, were we just focus on My Dad New Restaurant Touring but not for sightseeing. But it was fun. I wanna go to Cirebon again and meet my lovely friend and her handsome baby, Arinces.

Tips for you who have travel with kids. Please bring jar foods to make your babies easy to eat and make you not worries the taste they don’t like or not, easy sist they really love it and eat a lot of your jar foods.


Day 1

Sunyaragi Cave

The best things you must visit while in Cirebon guess this caves. Because the design super spectacular and also a lot of mystique things just happened in here. To go to Sunyarangi Cave actually is easy if you have Go-jek or Grab application, so you can order private motorcycle or car and they love to drive you to this place.

But, if you go there, please make sure that you bring an umbrella or wearing your hat, because the weather on this area super hot.

Btw, if you go here with your babies, please make sure that you not bring a stroller and also wearing your comfortable shoes.

Batik Trusmi

Is shopping place. You can find anything you want in Batik Trusmi. Start from Batik until a souvenir to bring back home for the family. Like one stop solution place in Cirebon, so you can found anything without worry with your pocket, because they sell from cheap to expensive on.

If you feeling hungry in here they have Trusmi Cafe. With a special interior design made by Batik, this cafe allow you to spends a day with delicious food and ambient. Match with your journey day with delicious foods.

This is a view for Batik Trusmi Cafe, recommended but guess if you plan to eat here ask the waiters to make your foods hot, because I don’t like warm soup.

Batik Trusmi located at: Jalan Raya Trusmi Kulon No. 148, Weru Lor, Weru. Phone Number: 0815-6469-0003.


Day 2

Lynn’s Coffee

One of coolest cafe in Cirebon, Lynne’s Coffee is loveable place to have a great time with your family and friends for chat and eat delicious pizza (really, a pizza here super super delicious and also affordable).

Look at on Oru face…

He is so happy when visiting this restaurant and also eat a lot of delicious pizza here, #LOL.

Address: Jalan Tentara Pelajar No.58, Kejaksan, Pekiringan, Kesambi, Kota Cirebon, Jawa Barat 45118. Hours: Closes soon: 11PM ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu. Phone: 0812-2388-8998

Nana Riverside, Cirebon

 Really homy restaurant and one of the best restaurant in Cirebon (I guess). Made by my father as a restaurant management restaurant, Nana Riverside becoming the most recommended place to eat in Cirebon by Tripadvisor.

When I visiting this cafe and restaurant, amaze. Because I really love vintage architecture and think that this place have amazing interior with old Dutch touch.

Beside the architecture, interior inside this place also great so you can have great selfie with your friends and family like Royal Family.

By the way, the foods in this restaurant totally affordable. I am totally eat a lot here, because so delicious and also not so expensive than the price in Jakarta. And you don’t have to worry about the menu because they have world menu list you can order easily. Oooh I am in heaven.

My favorite one is the menu from their sister restaurant Nana Suki, Japanese Foods.

Address: Jl. Kalibaru Utara, Kejaksan, Kota Cirebon, Jawa Barat 45123. Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM. Phone: (0231) 202700.

Keraton Kasepuhan

The Kraton Kasepuhan is the oldest Kraton (sultan’s palace) in the Indonesian city of Cirebon. It is the residence of the Sultan of Kasepuhan. It was built in 1447 and its architecture and interior are a blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Islamic, Chinese and Dutch styles.

While the sultan still lives in the palace, several main sections are open to the public. Inside is a pavilion with white-washed walls dotted with blue-and-white Delft tiles, a marble floor and ceiling hung with French chandeliers. The legacy of Majapahit is preserved in its small pendopo on soft carved brick bases. The carvings on the pendopo columns are 1940s copy of the ancient originals. An innovation is the use of brackets branching out from the columns.

The main building features unusually tall pyramidal column bases. The ornament on the double braces of this building’s pendopo tumpang sari ceiling are picked out by gilt. Another unusual feature in the eclectic complex is plaster and masonry columns feature a decoration that resembles reeding. Like other old sites around Cirebon, ceramics in walls are common here, although their use in the Kraton is more restrained.

The palace also has a somewhat neglected small museum with a restricted display of wayangkris, cannon, furniture, Portuguese armour, and ancient royal clothes. In a separate nearby building the very elaborate Kereta Singabarong, a 17th-century gilded coach, may be seen along with a modern duplicate carriage used on official occasions.

Address: Jalan Kasepuhan No.43, Kesepuhan, Lemahwungkuk, Kesepuhan, Lemahwungkuk, Kota Cirebon, Jawa Barat 45114. Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu. Province: West Java. Phone: (0231) 225511.


Image taken from my phone and also my instagram page @unamaruna




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