Tiket.com is rated “Bad” with 1.6

Nasty customer service, they will ignore messages.
I contact them to inquire about my last name recorded in my booking since they only have one text lable for full name which will make it difficult to manage your booking and check in online through the airline website, and they reported that they cannot help with that and I should contact the airlines directly in this regard. And they stopped replying to my messages after that.
Beware of them and if you are looking for an alternative go with traveloka as I have been dealing with them for long and didn’t have any problems.
I only wanted to try tiket.com for their competitive prices.. But with such level of customer service I’d rather pay the double to another agency than pay them.


Flight was rescheduled 10days before departure. The airline apparently informed tiket.com but this message was not passed onto us. Awful customer service.

i read about ronaldy lo’s review on feb 2 2018 here on trustpilot. he couldn’t use his credit card and contacted even tiket.com customer service which replied on his request:
“We would like to inform you for your payment rejected, because your credit card reject by copy-paste, please input the detail credit card manualy ( one by one ).”

he gave up on this and blames the company for bad support, they would answer with copy paste methods, he even claims he’s speaking bahasa indonesia which makes this even more fun: the customer support was right, the problem is, that you shall not copy paste your credit card into the input field, you need to enter it manually… it worked for me with my swiss visa credit card – after several copy-paste tries over several days i found above mentioned ronaldy lo’s post on trustpilot.com – and i was able to book the flight… sometimes you just need to read and switch on your brain… that might help. but luckily for me, he was so angry about it and pasted the reply of the customer support which finally helped me to book the cheap flight on this page… why only 3 stars? obviously this problem is known to tiket.com and they don’t mention it on their faq site… absolute no-go….

Customer service is unbelievably unhelpful and sticks only to the scripts and only copies and pastes response. Foreign customers please beware your credit card won’t be able to successfully pay for orders!
I speak Bahasa and have to repeated inform their customer service officers that the first CSO told me that my credit card has to be white listed before proceeding with payment and asked me to send an email to their CS.
Below is literally what I received :
“We would like to inform you for your payment rejected, because your credit card reject by copy-paste, please input the detail credit card manualy ( one by one ).”
In the end I just give up and bought my tickets from other websites.
Even though the prices may be cheaper they’re not worth the headache. AVOID!

I think Tiket.com trusted because they have done to collaborate with Australia embassy to get increase tourist Indonesia & Australia. You can check in Website Australia Embassy for Indonesia

Bad customer service
When booking the ticket booking system changed my departure date. My immediate reaction did not help. There are no arguments. The staff do not speak English. On mails respond unintentionally and with great delay, pasted ready-made formulas, po3 times the same. They do not even try to solve the problem. They do not care about the satisfaction of the passenger
Worst webside I know. Never again

We booked a flight in 2017 with Kal Star from Bali to Labuahan Bajo. That flight was canceled and Tiket.com didnt send us a single Info about that. Support answers just in Indonasian because they cannot speak English so no support at all…

Worst platform ever! Better dont use Tiket.com

Very nice website, cheapest for domestic Indonesian flight I’d say. The customer service agents don’t speak English too good, but if you are not planning to modify your tickets (which is impossible online), that won’t be a problem at all for you. The website is really worth the price. And please note that this website accepts no credit cards, other than issued in Indonesia, Australia and mainland Asia (including CIS). Seems like no EU or American cards are accepted.

I tried booking a flight, but it would not take my private VISA card.

I went to the online chat, and the rep wrote that the system detected my card as a Corporate, so I could not use it. He could not prove that it was a Corp card or anything, so I asked them to fix their system but this guy was to simple and kept replying “We are sorry The system detected as Corporate, so you must try another card” 5 times.

Horrible service.

I have tryed to book a Ticket on tiket.com and had problems with the payment. Creditcard was not working so i called tiket.com . They told me to clear my “basket” and do the booking again. It seems fine but strangely my departure time changed. I called them again and they couldnt explain what happend and that i should call the airline wich was lion air. No support and no responsibilty is the Quality of this Agency. In the end i called lion air and had to pay plus 20% for changing my schedule. Dont book on tiket.com is my advise- rather directly through the airline you wish.

Once you have bought your ticket, there are no services.
You can’t modify your booking on their site, and they don’t send information to the flight company, so you are lost if you need to for example add checked baggage or any other things.

I’ll never buy a ticket from ticket.com again

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