Tiket.com is rated “Bad” with 1.6

The worst customer service and slow server from their side caused miscommunication.
I’ve tried to call them but no one pick up. I whatsapp them, no reply till 2 days.
I’ve sent in my enquiry since 11 March 2020, but I haven’t heard anything from them till today 20 March 2020.
They keep on sending me an email to rate them instead. This is scam


I book a hotel in Bandung and I can’t check in!! Hotel said they don’t have my reservation and CS is completely useless! Back and forth without any clear output! I am unable to check in and need to spend another $$$ for a replacement hotel


I have booked a hotel in Bali using tiket.com and now to make some changes in my booking when i tried to login on my accounts its not accepting password. When i tried to reset the password the password reset email not coming in my mailbox. I tried many times and contacted tiket.com customer support but very poor response and no knowledge. They don’t want help you to reset the password and their system has big lacking and i think they don’t have technical team to support technical problems. I got stuck and cannot able to change my booking and support really painful and un professional. If there is any legal forums then i want to log the legal case against them for mental harassment of customers.

Regards… Subhash

Of I could rate this a 0, I would. They are scammers, i have booked accomodation through them and they took my money without confirming the booking. After reaching their customer service, they made it extremely difficult to process the refund. I doubt I will ever get my money back. Please do not ever book through them. I will continue advising friends and family to book though other sites and avoid this scammers platform!

Verry verry bad service!!!!
F**kin hell !!!

used skyscanner to get a price, diverted to them as the cheapest and at the final payment it increase by about a third…


Bad services. Price is more expensive than the official site. And then i asked for refund and get the compensation but nope. U got nothing!!! I think traveloka still better than tiket.com

0 stars. I paid for having problems.
WhatsApp, Email, telephone, there is no way to get any refund. You can not trust them.
They still have my money and I have nothing.

Very incompetent customer service. I bought a ticket with them, and then received an email from them that my plane has been cancelled and that I have been rerouted. I then called back to the CS and asked that the ticket be canceled because the reroute they gave did not work for me. And here where the problems came. Back and forth with CS and they come back with answer that this is non refundable ticket. I then called directly to American Airlines and the AA cancelled with FULL REFUNDS even though it is a nonrefundable tickets (because of flight cancellation from airlines). The refunds however goes to the Tiket.com because they refund back to the agent. So now I cannot get the money back because Tiket.com keeps coming back to me saying that this is a nonrefundable ticket.

What a headache and incompetent customer service. Never again use them.

Another incident before this, I bought an hotel voucher with them and then a week before using it, they called me saying that the voucher they issued somehow was a mistake, so the hotel does not want to acknowledge it. So they say that they will refund me. The problem is, I bought the voucher far ahead of time to get cheaper price, now I have to buy another voucher with high price just because of their mistake.

What a nightmare dealing with them.

I am a tour operator that offers tours thru this company. I have asked that we be immediately removed from their site. I am unable to access our account and after a week of email to their support and messages to their Facebook page, I still have not received any reply. The tours they are offering for my company are badly out of date and they are refusing to allow us to make appropriate changes. VERY poor support. I am really angry at my decision to list our tours on this site.

Price is very good but payment, they make it complicated especially for foreign card, move to another site.. ridicolous!

I have had an account at tiket.com for a while, but never used it until yesterday when I tried to change my password and got caught in a website loop that kept asking me for new password info even after I inputted it and tried to save. I complained to customer service and was told that my email address (username) was not registered at the site. To confirm the foolishness of the reply, I signed in to the site using the very same email address and my password—my old password of course. I was logged in of course. I wrote back to customer service to tell them how wrong they were. They have not responded since. If tiket.com is this incompetent with its own site, why would I ever trust it with my money for the purchase of tickets? No way.

This is a fraud company. They process my purchase but did not honour them. Sent the customer service and their reply is please wait. I have been waiting for months and their reply has always been the same – please wait!
Do not purchase anything from this website and regulator should close this website to
Prevent them from cheating other would be customers

Unfortunately, I could not complete my order process, because the website has repeatedly displayed an error.
The support did not react at all. The email address could not be reached.
So I lost a lot of time and later had to buy more expensive elsewhere 🙁

Ordered a flight from Bangkok to Krabi from this site 12 hours before the flight. Flight confirmation was not emailed until two hours before the flight departure. In the mean time we had emailed Tiket.com requesting confirmation that the tickets were purchased – no response. Obviously we booked a later flight through a different airline as we had no received confirmation with enough time before the flight. The flight was still charged from my bank account. Upon attempting to get a refund for late confirmation, the customer service team made up times of when the confirmation was sent, saying it was sent 30 mins after booking the fight – DEFINITELY not true. Even though evidence was provided with screenshots of times of emails sent, Tiket.com ignored this and persisted with their backing up their errors. Atrocious. Still owe me £67!!!

Terrible customer service ever! very highly NOT recommended booking agent. There was no notification, neither email nor text that flight being delayed (international flight), we found out in less than 12 hours when we did web check in. We have to purchase another flight in order to arrive destination as expected and not miss the meeting. CS team just people who only reading text book, no solution at all. Very disappointed.

This site is a hustle. It won’t change language to any other than indonesian and the price does not match the flight search engines.

So much truble!

After struggling to book tickets with the official Thai Lion Air website because they mysteriously wouldn’t accept my (British) debit card, I read that tiket.com would work instead.

So I have successfully booked a ticket with this company with no payment problems.

My only gripe is that it was painfully difficult to find “United Kingdom” in any of the drop down boxes. These lists aren’t in any sort of order (mostly alphabetic with a few randomly places countries).

Worst company ever. I try to cancel a flight 3 weeks before and even emails they don’t respond. Very bad. Strongly not recommend.

Very bad service, no credit card form outside Indonesia will work. I try it several times, even one by one and not copy my credit card number but it will not work.

CS: Work on this issue to resolve it for tourist who will book a cheap ticket in Indonesia.

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