Melon Ticket

1 I want to canel the purchased ticket. What can I do?

Select your advance ticket at “My Ticket” and click the button [Cancel my purchase] below. But, only available before the purchase due.

2 What is “Cancellation Deadline”?

Ticket cancellations are not allowed after 5pm one day before the event (after 11am on Saturdays) or on the date of the event date.
Cancellation policy may vary for certain events.

3 If I make a cancellation at the same day that I booked tickets, do I have to pay the cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee when you cancel your order by 11:59 pm of the day that you booked.
But, Service fees will not be refundable after the day of the purchase.

4 Can I cancel tickets partially?

Basically, it is available.
Some events are not accepting partial cancellations, so please check the status of partial cancellation when you are booking.

5 If I cancel the ticket, do I have to pay for cancellation fee?

Each different show has different cancellation policy. Please check the policy for relevant show.

6 If I cancel tickets after payment, how do I get refund?

– Cancellation of Card Approval is verified after Four to Five(4~5)days of purchase.
– If your order is unpaid, approval details and purchase cancellation are available.
– If you cancel orders after payment with card charge, it will be deducted next month.
– If you cancel orders after payment, it takes three to seven(3~7) days.
– Refund date is depend on each card company’s policy. please call companies for details.


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