Launching new headquarter, Tiket management team at the new headquarter

Following a rebranding move in the end of 2017 which saw the company introducing a new logo and overall look, Indonesian online travel agency opened a new headquarter in Central Jakarta area. With a capacity of 400 people, the new office space was chosen in order to ease communication between divisions, including with e-commerce company Blibli as its parent company.

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tiketcom_new_office_a Chief Communications Officer Gaery Undarsa told the press that the new office space’s renovation process took only three months after the acquisition.

“I received an ultimatum from the management to be able to finish the new headquarter within three months. Though we have not moved all our employees to this new office, almost all of them has already started working at’s new headquarter,” he said.

Dominated by the colours blue, yellow, and white, the new office space was designed in modern style with areas functioning as lounge, canteen, and meeting room. Though it is not yet equipped with a game room, Undarsa mentioned that in order to attract Millennial talents, the company will add various gaming facilities.

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“At, we see talents as an asset. This is why we try to offer an office space that is comfortable to work in; at the same time we also aim to attract potential employees to work at,” Undarsa said.

Post-acquisition growth


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tiketcom_new_office_c CEO George Hendrata and CMO Gaery Undarsa

Undarsa also conveyed information on the company’s growth following the acquisition by Blibli. The company claimed to have secured around 20,000 daily transactions, an increase from last year’s number of 10,000 to 15,000 daily transactions.

“We have also begun seeing an increasing number of hotel bookings; this is due to an exclusive deal between us and local hotels,” Undarsa added.

He also announced that the app has been downloaded around six million times, with the majority of transaction (up to 70 per cent) happening on its mobile app.

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Plan to launch new features


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Since launching the Smart Refund feature, which is only available on its mobile app, is set to launch the feature in all of its platforms. Other features that the company plans to launch is a real-time Smart Reschedule feature for all flights and hotel bookings; it will also begin offering tour activities on its platforms.

“Previously, we already offered tour activities on the platform. But we are going to separate it [from the main channel] and add more of it,” Undarsa said.

In order to stay afloat of competition, Undarsa stressed that the company will foster more partnerships with payments services. already offers non-credit card installment option by partnering with Akulaku; it is planning to team up with similar services.

“We need to do that as it turned out that there are many transactions coming in through promotions with related partners. This is why we need to extend this partnership in the future,” Undarsa said.

When asked about the possibility of a consolidation with Go-Jek following Blibli’s strategic investment into the company, Undarsa replied that there has not been any fixed plan at the moment, but the company is open for an opportunity to consolidate.

“Go-Jek is already one of the leading companies in Indonesia with all the services it offers. I believe that if there is an opportunity to integrate with Go-Pay, then it will be very exciting for us at,” Undarsa closed.

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