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From my delayed AirAsia AK6173 flight, I quickly headed to Anak Bukit KTM station to catch the KTM Komuter Northern Sector to Butterworth where I would hopefully have more options to get back to Singapore from, be it a bus, train or a rather expensive flight.

As I arrived at the station at 7.00pm, I had just 3 minutes to get from the GrabCar up to the station concourse to buy my ticket and head down to the platform to be in time for the 2977dn for Butterworth departing from Anak Bukit at 7.03pm.

Running to the ticket counter to buy my KTM Komuter Northern Sector ticket to Butterworth.

Quickly heading down to the platform past the porter who also waved me in trying to tell me to hurry up.

My KTM Komuter Northern Sector ticket from Anak Bukit to Butterworth, printed just 1 minute before the train’s departure.

The platform was rather crowded already, and I managed to get down 40 seconds before 7.03pm.

Thankfully, the train was slightly delay so I had some time to catch my breath on the platform.

An 83 Class pulling into the station at around 7.05pm. Oh man. Oh well, but at least I’m getting somewhere now.

EMU39 is going to take me back to Butterworth.

Boarding the ever-crowded 83 Class running on a weekend on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector.

The interior of the 83 Class train from the centre of the car.

The sunset as the train heads through Alor Setar.

Passing by the old single track railway bridge after Alor Setar across the Kedah River.

The sunset as seen from the KTM Komuter Northern Sector.

At Bukit Mertajam, most passengers alighted to exit the station or to continue their journey on the Bukit Mertajam – Padang Rengas Line.

The route map of the KTM Komuter Northern Sector.

The emptied-out interior of the 83 Class EMU. Strangely, EMU39 has Skypark Link orange seat covers.

Arrived at Butterworth at 8.23pm – 7 minutes delayed from schedule.

A strange combination of the regular KTM Komuter livery on the outside but orange Skypark Link seats on the inside

Heading up the stairs to the station concourse.

Heading out of the station.

Hello Penang Sentral, we meet again unfortunately.

Heading on to Penang Sentral. I wonder how the covered walkway would be at night.

Thankfully, it was rather well-lit, though I don’t think I would feel particularly safe if I were walking down this path alone.

Getting the lift up to Penang Sentral since I had no intention to use the emergency stairs.

From here, I bought some snacks for dinner and headed to wait for my bus back to Singapore. This is becoming like an Amazing Race of sorts to get to work on time the next day.


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